Get some sleep!

According to so many studies found everywhere, sleep plays an extremely important role to your health. Sleep helps you function properly. When you get enough sleep you feel energized and healthy, right?

The reason I bring up this topic is because last Friday, I offered to take one of my co-worker’s opening shift. Which meant being at work at 5 A.M.! That is just crazy early for me, who is more of a night owl than anything. To be honest, I used to have shifts that started as early as 4 A.M. at my old job, but it’s been almost a year since I’ve had to do that. Currently, the earliest that I have to wake up for work is 6 A.M. Because of this crazy time change for me, it affected how I felt throughout the day.

So, going back to that Thursday night before, I set my alarm for 4 A.M. and started to get ready for bed around 8 P.M. I was doing fine until I woke up around midnight. My head wouldn’t turn off its thoughts. I was paranoid that my alarm wouldn’t go off. I was not sure how a morning shift would turn out. I just could not go back to sleep. I laid in bed, restless, for about 3 hours. Then, my alarm went off. Did I really not sleep at all? I dragged my body out of bed and got ready for work.

This is why I say that sleep is important: once I got to work I felt so moody. This was not a good thing, since I work mainly in customer service. I have to be nice! It was extremely difficult to pretend when my body just wanted to shut down and nap right there on the floor. I had to fight so hard and not think about how tired I was. This feeling stretched out for the entire day.

I didn’t want to eat healthy! I was so tired I was craving something greasy and fried. I also didn’t want to move too much because I was so tired. I could have gone walking around the lake by my house, but I was really way too lazy. This was definitely not good for my diet.

The moral of this story: get some sleep! I know life moves fast and plans change all the time so it’s hard to schedule in that tiny important factor in which we have to put everything on pause just to let our bodies rest. But, it’s extremely important. If this healthy lifestyle thing is really going to work, we need to take time to reset our bodies, too.


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