How motivated are you? I went to the gym the other day with my boyfriend and in the middle of doing my usual elliptical routine, I just felt blank. I wasn’t sure what I was feeling. I used to be so pumped to go to the gym, and I loved that sore feeling afterwards. My boyfriend asked me “what’s wrong” and I said “I don’t know”.

In the car ride home we talked about motivation. And it got me thinking that this was an important lesson in order to help me achieve my goals. What was my goals? Why am I doing this healthy lifestyle? Is it even worth it? Every year I go through these ups and downs. I’m sure a lot of people experience this, too. After the holidays, around spring time, it’s time to lose that weight again. It’s time for bikini season. Once summer is over, we can layer up which means hiding fat, which means we can eat more. This cycle happens all the time. We lose that motivation. But this time is different, I swear.

I am motivated to be the best person I can be. I want to look as good as I feel. I know that making healthy choices is an adjustment that must be made. I really want to be able to buy cute clothes and not have to worry about my thighs being too big for it, or being too self-conscious when I wear it. Also, looking back at my photos from 1 year ago when I was at my best, I really want to go back to that as well!

Remember, you must know the “why” when you are moving to a healthy lifestyle in order to see results. Motivation keeps you moving towards your goals. Don’t ever lose sight of that.


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