110% Better and Ready to Lift


Guess what? I’m feeling 110% better after my little cold. Now, I’m ready to hit the gym and start lifting heavy again! I actually did go the gym a couple of time this week. I pushed hard on the treadmill. And was able to push myself to lift a little more than I could when I was feeling sick. Boy, did it feel so good! I was a little sore after, but the soreness is a good sign!

Ready for the best news? *Drumroll* I lost 2 pounds!! I am stoked that this routine is working for me! In all seriousness, routines and habits get you to your goals faster. All I did was eat Oatmeal with brown sugar in the morning, and if I did go to Starbucks, I just ordered a plain-brewed coffee such as the Pike Place brew. For lunch and dinner, I tried to stay within 500 calories each meal. So, I’d choose maybe a sandwich one day and soup the next. It was kind of tough, but seeing results already has encouraged me to keep going!

Tonight, I will be watching that new Disney film, Beauty and the Beast. I am so excited since Beauty and the Beast was my favorite Disney movie when I was a kid. I will try to eat good foods for dinner, but let’s be honest, weekends are cheat days. Haha. It’s always good to indulge yourself once in a while, for me, once a week. But, you better go back to that habit of good healthy food! It works every time. Trust me. 🙂


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