How to create a good habit.

If you simply google “habits”, it is said that on average, you only need about a month to create a habit. And that’s all I think about when I think about a healthy lifestyle. Seriously, diets don’t work. You set a goal (I want to lose 30 pounds in 6 months) and once you reach that goal, you go back to bad habits and it all goes downhill from there. I know there are probably a million other blogs, and websites saying the same thing, but I am just telling you from my perspective, it is all a mental game. The main goal is a healthy lifestyle.

Lifestyle is a huge keyword here. I don’t just want to lose those 20 pounds, I want to keep it as a good habit. I want to keep maintaining good eating and gym habits. This was always a difficult obstacle when I think of diets. But, that was also always my main problem: the diet. Every single time I try to diet, it all ends and I go back to my bad eating habits, then I see the results of my bad habits, and try to start all over.

Enough is enough! I am 27 now. I want to be as healthy as I can be. This is going to be the most difficult mental game, as every decision I make about the food I eat will definitely affect this ongoing battle. So, to take things slow, let’s focus on one meal at a time!

So far, every morning I will start with some delicious oatmeal. The maple and brown sugar kind is very tasty. One day soon, I’ll try to tap into those overnight oats that people are raving about. But seriously, lets just stick to baby steps.

My worst habit: Starbucks. I tend to go about every day. It is very bad for both my wallet and this healthy lifestyle I am trying to achieve. But, when I do go in, I think long and hard about what is the least expensive, and what has the least amount of calories. Answer: plain coffee. Whether it be the Pike Place roast, dark, blonde, or Verona Blend. Starbucks brewed coffee is the way to go. Unfortunately, I like really sugary drinks. I have to add a bit of sweetener, though, I go for the natural sweeteners. Also, I need a little bit of creamer, too. If you enjoy your coffee black, by all means!

I have been trying very hard for the past couple of weeks, but right now is the time to really focus. It is never too late or early to try! You don’t want to be that person saying “should’ve, would’ve, could’ve”. The time to start is NOW! 🙂


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