Back on Track. Sort of.

I finally made it! To the gym! The feeling was great. I did a solid 30 minutes on the treadmill. And was able to do one of my favorite exercises: the row. Going to the gym was fun and I hope to keep this up as a routine. I mean, that is the goal here right? My food eating habits have been a little more controllable as well. On Tuesday, I had my morning breakfast shake, which is basically Vega One Protein chocolate powder, Almond Milk, and a banana blended.

For lunch, I went to Flame Broiler and had their tofu and veggie bowl with brown rice. (choices!) For dinner, my boyfriend made meatless breakfast sausage, with green beans, on top of quinoa. Let me tell you, the flavor was very interesting… although, honestly, I would probably not want to eat that again!

I hope I can keep this up. I am going to the gym tonight and I am dragging my boyfriend! This will be fun!


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